Hamsa Hand Gourd Lamp


If you are building a collection as a crafter from Turkey and the Middle East, you can’t go missing two essentials. One the evil eye which I have a good variety and or course Hamsa Hand. A universal symbol, amulet or talisman whichever you like to use. Commonly believed to protect you, your family and home and bring peace and harmony

Hamsa Hand is slightly tricky to carve on a gourd. If you want have something distinctive, you need to have a good few ideas. That’s why I put a lot of thinking before I concluded on the design.

Eventually I decided to add elements of traditional henna work. So I focused on the craftwork on the hand with inspirations from henna that middle eastern ladies get made on special occasions. And I think this is what separates this design from the others.

This is a large size gourd lamp The calabash I use for these design usually 13-15 inches tall and 12-14 inches wide. Each gourd lamp is made to order. Each calabash is unique and unlike each other by creation, it is impossible to make an exact replica. AI promise you the same design, at same dimensions but not exactly the same calabash as product visuals.

Please note that this product is lampshade only. There is a large hole underneath the lampshade. (Please see photos). The lampshade will sit on any light source easily. There is a base option with complete on/off switch, cabling and power socket.


Technical Details
Production Method The making of a perfect gourd lamp starts from the planting of the seed of the cabalash. The gourd lamp has many dimensions to its quality and one of them is the gourd itself. The thicker the gourd, the better the artwork and durability. That’s why the importance is given at the very beginning when planting the calabash. Once the cabalash is picked up from the field, we let them dry for a while and use a sandpaper to remove the outer skin. We also remove the main calabash from the interiors. Than starts the design stage and we decide what to pattern on the cabalash. We use different sizes of drills and knives to make holes and shapes on the gourd. Once the design is complete the rest is about painting, beading or varnishing.
Size Medium
Color Multi
Material Calabash, Beadwork, Varnish
Finish Type Semi-Gloss

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Usually takes between and 7 days to create
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