Safari Gourd Lamp

I have a special interest in camels. I can’t explain why or why. I find it very cool where the camels say that they are cool, sensitive, intelligent, compassionate and compassionate.

I have a few camel-themed gourd lamp designs specifically designed for nurseries and children’s rooms. For a very long time, I wanted to make a pumpkin lamp for the children as well as the children and “safari” here.

Remote and burned; It may not be easy to pay attention, but if you look carefully at the product images, you will see that the walking cam is made up of small holes. To create an aura of camel by creating a visual attraction, I held the rest of the shell with drill holes and beads.

I believe that in a world and in markets full of bright ideas and products, my lamps stand out with their own ways as unique gift ideas for many opportunities, since they are completely handmade and cannot be easily found in every mall. That’s why I believe you can think of Safari as a gift for Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, housewarming, anniversary and birthday. I believe that this lamp has the power to create a special feeling above one’s lighting and decorative features.

The product is only lampshade. There is a large hole under the pumpkin and will easily fit into any light source. Some customers reported the use of LED lights that I found a good and safe idea. Please see the last photo to see how it works. There is a basic option ready to use with the socket, wiring and on / off switch. Please refer to the photos to get an idea of ​​the floor you’ve received.

$247.00 $300.00

Technical Details
Production Method Gourd lamps are made from Mediterranean gourds after 6 months. Each calabash is unique. That’s why I’m not giving you the same visuals. However, the same craft with pumpkin lamp. Pumpkin may be slightly different. I’m gonna have a 14-16 inch tall and 12-13 inch wide calabash in the belly section. Calabash plant. Pumpkin lamp is thicker than pumpkin, better artwork and durability. That’s why the farm. We work with farmers. After the gourds are taken from the field. In addition, we also remove the interior vegetable section. Then start the design and gourds. We use different shapes and shapes in the pumpkin. After the design is completed, beads or varnishing.
Size Large
Pattern An elephant ,camel,lion,giraffe
Color The safari gourd lamp has a natural varnished look when unlit under daylight. Its appearance will change in relation to the light source you use when lit. Try experimenting your lamp with different colors, wattage or LEDs to create different vibes in your room.
Material Calabash, Varnish, Beadwork
Finish Type Semi-Gloss

Usually takes between and 7 days to create
, Shipping 25 days


Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm

Usually takes between and 7 days to create
, Shipping 25 days

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